Friday, 15 March 2013

Cora Korean Charcoal BBQ

When: Friday March 15th 2013

So we've been to this wonderful hidden gem a few times before but this is our first time reviewing it! We needed a place to go out for a low key get together for an occasion and we thought of this place to be good for a last minute decision without a reservation.

The place can get a little packed every now and then and especially on the weekends. This time around, we got lucky and proceeded to fill ourselves with all you can eat meat!

The process is simple really. There are 3 self-serve sections. One section contained what can be classed as entrees (tempura fish, chicken wings, fried rice, fried cabbage and egg cakes and glass noodles). There is an entire second section of salads which included tasty spicy Kimchi! Last section was stocked full of sumptuous looking marinated raw meats (chicken, ribs, steaks, tongue, mussels, prawns, octopi, squid, kidney etc!)

After being seated, the staff prepare the centre grill with fired coals for the do-it-yourself BBQ. In the meantime, we are asked to help ourselves to the entree buffet. Once the fire was ready, it was time to get our grill on!

All the meats were nicely marinated and full of flavour even if a tad on the sweet side. We have heard that the Soju is worth trying. We didn't try it this time around.

Word of advice, do be careful with how much raw meats you pile on your plate. The restaurant has a policy of charging $5 per 100g of left-over raw meat. This is clearly displayed on every table and ensure that you eat all the meats you pick.

Pricing differs on the weekend to the weekdays and at $38 per person for all you can eat BBQ-it-yourself meat, some may find it gimmicky. We have always had fun though and believe it's a decent price for the experience. Definitely worth a try!

Address: 7/48 Hulme Ct, Myaree
Phone: (08) 9317 6000
Opening Hours: Tue-Sun, 5.30pm-late

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  1. very helpful post! I'll try it sometime! :D

    1. Thanks da991s! And thanks for reading our blog! We're usually pretty busy and hence a bit slack when it comes to updating it but will keep trying to find time to update it! Good luck with Cora!